Step by step - How to use UTEE

Here is a step by step of how you can use UTEE on your image.

Step 1
UTEE is easy to use, and it gives the image a great effect.
It makes a glassy surface on the image, which you can easily make cracks in. 

Above is a picture of the products I have used.
* Embossing Heat tool
* UTEE (it is the same as clear embossing powder, just thicker)
* Watermark stamp pad/Embossing pad (it is several brands, I have Versa Mark's, but Tim Holtz has also one that has the same effect).
* I have used a image from Magnolia called Winter Skating Tilda (Special Stamp)

Step 2
I start with adding the watermark stamp pad on the image.

Step 3
Then I take UTEE powder on to the image. I make sure that I have a foldet paper under. Then I can easily take the powder that is left back in the box. 

Step 4
I shake the image so that the powder that doesn't fasten fells off. It is also a good idea to snap on the back of the image so that all the loose powder fells off.

Step 5
Here I pour the powder back in the box.

Step 6
I blow the image with the heat tool. I move it slowly across the image so that the powder melts.

Step 7
Above you can see the powder that melts under the heat tool. 

Step 8
I have melted all the powder. For the best effect I repeat this two more times.

Step 9
So, first I apply the embossing pad again (after the image has cooled down, 1-2 minutes). 

Step 10
I apply the embossing powder/UTEE on the image again.

Step 11
And blow with the heat tool until the powder has melted.

Step 12
This is how the image looks like after two times with UTEE.

Step 13
I apply the embossing pad again.

Step 14
More UTEE.

Step 15
And blowing with the heat tool one last time.

Step 16
Then, the images has got a nice glassy residue.
And is ready to be cold. I added mine in the freezer, but it can also be located in the refrigerator (takes a bit longer).
You take the image out when it is cold and stiff.
Then you just have to break a bit until you have had so many cracks you want. 

Here is my result after a few hours in the freezer:

Here is my card with the image made with UTEE: