søndag 6. september 2009

Made with love & a storage tip for Distress Ink refillers:)

Today it is raining outside, real autumn weather. And it is so nice to sit inside making cards:) Here I have masked together Chef Tilda and Knife and Fork. I have also added the text Made with love ~ all from Magnolia's Fall Collection. Haven't you got them? They will all be for sale soon. With many other sweeties;) I have used papers from Magnolia and from an old songbook. Tilda is coloured with Distress Ink refillers. And I got this wonderful tip from my friend Bente. About how to storage my colours. Take a look under what I did yesterday;)
I have used this wonderful storage box from Panduro to storage my colours. And to have a system, I have drawed up squares on a water colour paper, that have the same size as the squares in the box. In each square on my paper I have coloured a stripe, with the same colour I have put in the box. I then have cut out the paper, and fasten it beneath the box.
And when I am not colouring I put on the cover, and keep the dust and cat hair away!;)
Here are my colours. Now it is so much easier to know what colours to use. I have also blended two colours myself, vintage pink and cheek pink/red.
Just have to show you these cute friends. Ludde and my nephew Stian. He came over yesterday to play with the kittens.
Have a nice Sunday!

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Anonym sa...

Nyyyyydelig!!! Magnoliastemplene er såååååå herlige!:D Jeg skal få tak i noen julestempler, sååå skjønne:o) Flott system du har, og herlig katt:D
Ha en fortsatt super søndag!;D
Klem ida:o)

Så fint du har ordnet bloggen din;D!

Carolyn sa...

This card is just to die for. I love your coloring. Your medium looks too hard for me, I think I'll stick to my pencil crayons.
Hugs xx

Hanna sa...

Hej Camilla!

Tänkte kommentera här idag, för omväxlings skull! ;o)

WOW! Vilket kort alltså! Helt otroligt flott! Du är så duktig, vännen!
Tycker såå bra om din stil! Du gör fantastiska kort.

Och vad läcker Dstress Förvaring!
Har en hel del tomma lådor för pärlor... detta var ju jättesmart!
Måste provas! ;o)
Perfekt att ta med sig. ;o)

Sedan är jag såå nyfiken! *ler*
Vilka färger har du blandat till "Vintage Pink"? Underbar nyans! :o)

Ha det bra,
kramar från Hanna

Kim Piggott sa...

Oh wow this is stunning Camilla!
She is so sweet and your paper and detail are beautiful!
kim x

tanja sa...

wouw its great card camilla ,love your coloring drie maand I jus allso distresse by by tanja

Moon Hulsman sa...

oohhhw camilla that is a great tip.
Love your card but I love your ones always so that's not big news hi hi
Hugs Moon

Monique Lokhorst sa...

Hi Camilla,

Wow! Love the cards you have made. Really stunning! The colors are realy beautiful.


Karen sa...